Welcome to Greater Huntsville Church!
God is moving in the “Rocket City”.  God is working to build-up the church and we ask you to be a part of this  great effort.  Please explore our site to find out how you can participate.  

The Huntsville metropolitan area has a population of 683,000 and continues to be the fastest growing of the four large metro areas of Alabama. This steady growth is attributed to the increasing presence of major government agencies (NASA, U.S. Army Aviation and Space, Missile Defense Agency) and several Fortune 500 companies specializing in technology, space, aviation, biomedical, military technology and homeland defense.The city of Huntsville hosts several colleges and university campuses: Alabama A&M University, University of Alabama in Huntsville, Calhoun Community College and Oakwood University. If you are interested in joining the church family please contact JD and Claudette Lusan at 904-365-0687.

Email us: GreaterHuntsvilleChurch@gmail.com